When you open your room’s large windows at evening you can enjoy Jerusalem’s clear mountain breeze and the peace and quiet that comes with staying in a classy residential neighborhood of Jerusalem… But don’t let the silence fool you – the city’s most alluring attractions and most lively night life scenes can be found literally down the road…


Grand Café

Our very own Grand Café is located at the front of Refael Residence and it offers a bistro menu with pastas, salads and a selection of special sandwiches, along side breakfasts served throughout the day. A private French patisserie provides the high quality pastries, cakes and desserts. You will also find a small deli here, offering jams, cookies, wines, chalahs and specialty breads for Shabat.


The Street

Beit Lechem Road has become a true attraction in its own right in the past years. It offers a wide variety of cafés and restaurants, fast food joints, delis and also plain neighborhood stores to satisfy all your needs – starting with groceries, quality fruit and vegetables, international newspapers, and up to a pharmacy and hairdressers. For going out at night there is a small bar and restaurant area at the end of the road that even stays open till the small hours of the night on weekend (Thursday and Friday) nights…


A Five Minute Walk

Oh so near, you will find Jerusalem’s trendiest street, Emek Refaim, the main drag of the German Colony neighborhood, with the city’s leading boutiques, restaurants and cafés. Right at the end of the Beit Lechem Road you can reach HaTakhana HaRishona (The First Station), a culture and entertainment venue and the latest lively addition to the city’s night life with it’s restaurants and pubs, also open on weekends with various stalls and vendors, and regularly hosting musical and cultural events. Heading out, it is also recommended to take a stroll through the Train Track Park, a park and promenade that was built along the route of the old train tracks and acts as a green boulevard that hosts urban recreation and cultural happenings.


Walking Distance

In just a few more minutes of walking you could wander through Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the walls of the old city, which is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem and boasts stunning views of the old city walls. Next to it you will find the Jerusalem Cinémathèque, where you can catch an art-house movie or sit at the café overlooking the Valley of Hinnom, the Old City Walls and the most beautiful view of the entire city. Another one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods that you can reach walking is the verdant neighborhood of Rehavia, which also has a main street lined with restaurants, cafés and boutiques. If you are interested in bargain hunting, however, you might be interested in walking in the other direction, towards the many shopping centres of Talpiyot Industrial Zone.


A Short Car Ride Away

At Refael Residence you are a mere short car ride away from nearly every main attraction in Jerusalem. First among them is of course the Old City, that lays the city’s three thousand year history at your feet with the City Walls, the Tower of David, the Jaffa Gate, The Wailing Wall (The Kotel), the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In the valley overlooking the old city you could visit the new luxury shopping area, Mamilla Mall, or continue towards the City Centre. We can also recommend visiting Mahane Yehuda Market, the city’s Museums, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and nearby Malha Mall, and the Knesset.

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